Author Myrna Fay Flick Secures Top 10 Spot in Global Author Academy Awards

Flick is up against 9 worldwide authors in the “Children’s” category of the prestigious Author Academy Awards

The Mind Heroes: Supercharge Your Super Powers written by Myrna Fay Flick has been chosen as a top ten finalist for a 2018 Author Academy Award, an honor bestowed for literary merit and publishing excellence in the writing and publishing industry.

Flick’s book is up for an award in the children’s category. It is an imaginary tale of how to deal with real life issues of stealing, teasing, bullying, and the effects of taking drugs.

“Out of hundreds of books from authors throughout the world, only ten in each category were chosen as finalists for an Author Academy Award,” said Kary Oberbrunner, founder of Author Academy Elite and the Author Academy Awards. “Our goal is to help further connect this global community of authors, maintain excellence and integrity of the book publishing industry, and raise awareness that the stories being told and the authors who write them are worth our attention.”

Authors of all kinds—indie, traditional, or collaborative published—reached the final round of judging for the Author Academy Awards. Finalists are being reviewed and evaluated on popular vote, social contribution, and overall presentation (cover, content, flow, and originality) by the Academy’s voting membership comprised of best-selling authors, literary agents and industry leaders.

The top ten finalists in each category will be presenting their book synopsis at the Author Academy Awards Red Carpet Session on Friday, Oct. 26, 2018, in Columbus, Ohio. Winners will be announced later that evening at the Author Academy Awards Ceremony where they will be invited to give an acceptance speech. Winners will also receive the opportunity to present their book synopsis at the Igniting Souls Conference main stage on the days immediately following Author Academy Awards in front of a global audience.

If interested in supporting Flick and participating in the popular vote portion of the award evaluation, go to and scroll to Children’s category, then find and click onThe Mind Heroes: Supercharge Your Super Powers.

About the Author Academy Awards

The Author Academy Awards is an award bestowed for literary merit and publishing excellence in the writing and publishing industry. It is presented annually by Author Academy Elite, a premium service provider for authors, at the Author Academy Awards Ceremony. For more information on the awards, visit

# # #

Choose to Be One       

Children are a great comfort in our old age – and they help us reach it much faster!

Children are our future leaders and we must enlighten and empower them.

We must choose to be one,
our work’s just begun!

The world lives apart                     from the values and morals we wish to impart.

We are all connected yet inflict onto others any anger inside   we’ve kept vengeance alive.

It fuels the wrong flame               sets the world all aglow
with the FEAR and folly                   we cannot let go.

Forgiveness brings peace,               all hurt can release the conflicts     imposed by those who don’t know when we hurt one another          our pains are not smothered.

Lying, cheating, criticizing, and stealing.

Our world needs healing!

Our focus is clear,
we hold it most dear.

Demand honesty and integrity
we need solidarity.

Children need to learn the power
their minds can churn.

Say YES, be a mentor.
We can no longer ignore
fling open the door
SUPER POWERS to explore.

Powers to stand up
claim their space.
That’s what it will take
to heal the entire human race.

Tomorrow when you wake
a new world – we’ll stake.

We’ll think a new way.
We’ll be strong, and not sway!

The spark we ignite
ensures all human rights!

Choose to one,
our work’s just begun!

Look in the mirror
and become a Mind Hero.

Presented at the 2018 Igniting Souls Conference.