The Movement for Mentors


What traits do you want in the future leaders of our country and of our companies?

Children need role models with strong morals and character built upon honesty and integrity.

After all they will be our future coworkers, employees,         and leaders.

Are you sharing your wisdom?
Are you leaving a legacy?

Many children don’t have a living, breathing role model.

They need you!

Contact me to become a mentor and start a movement in your company to create future leaders.

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We have an even more compelling reason to work with our children. A study from The Josephson Institute of Ethics showed that 51% of teens surveyed are more likely to lie and cheat to get their way, and this statistic keeps increasing.

Character Study* Reveals Predictors of Lying and Cheating

  • The hole in the moral ozone seems to be getting bigger — each new generation is more likely to lie and cheat than the preceding one.
  • Young people are much more cynical than their elders – they are considerably more likely to believe that it is necessary to lie or cheat in order to succeed. Those who believe dishonesty is necessary are more likely to actually lie and cheat.

*Josephson Institute of Ethics Study on Character and Adult Conduct

With the power of your mind and theirs, you can expand your communication and social skills to live a happier and healthier life.

Buy the book wherever books are sold or click on: Amazon

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Six Simple Words to Navigate our Complex World

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